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Realtime Worlds in 'discussions' with Microsoft about Crackdown 2


Realtime Worlds honcho Colin MacDonald confirmed the studio is in "ongoing discussions" with Microsoft about the possibility of Crackdown 2. In a statement sent to VG247, MacDonald responded to rumors that a sequel is currently in development by Ruffian games, a new studio that allegedly employs several former Realtime Worlds staffers from the Crackdown development team.

The statement from MacDonald relays that about "five or six" ex-Realtime Worlds staff are employed by Ruffian, noting that he doubts whether Microsoft would harm its "otherwise fruitful existing development relationship" by funding a Crackdown sequel with a start-up on RTW's doorstep. We'll have to wait and see what happens, but if Ruffian does develop a potential Crackdown 2, it sounds like Realtime Worlds wouldn't be too happy.

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