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TWC to give Southern Manhattan its due HD channels

Darren Murph

Admit it, south Manhattan -- you felt totally snubbed by Time Warner Cable's recent announcement that your brethren to the north would soon be getting a whole wheelbarrow full of new high-def content. Thankfully, the suits at TWC have realized that south-siders need clarity too, and it's planning to launch a significant amount of fresh HD channels in February. We can't even begin to cover the full list here, so we'll post it up word for word after the break. We know what you're thinking: February?! [Disclosure: Engadget is part of the Time Warner family]

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Also on February 4, 2009 we [TWC] will launch Chiller on ch. 102, TV Jade on ch. 581, RTPI on ch. 511, and Russian Kino on ch. 526. In S. Manhattan we will launch the following services: TEAM HD on 411 to NBA League Pass customers, Crime and Investigation HD on 686, TV One HD on 790, G4HD on 692, MGM HD on 796, Style HD on 689, CNBC HD on 715, USA HD on 716, SciFi HD on 717, Bravo HD on 718, E! HD on 724, QVC HD on 733, Spike HD on 736, HSN HD on 739, Tennis Channel HD on 465, Big Ten Network HD on 472, CBS College Sports HD on 467, HBO2 HD on 652, HBO Signature HD on 653, HBO Family HD on 654, HBO Comedy HD on 655, HBO Zone HD on 656, HBO Latino HD on 657, More Max HD on 659, Action Max HD on 660, Thriller Max HD on 661, WMAX HD on 662, @MAX HD on 663, FiveStar Max HD on 664, Outer Max HD on 665, Sho 2 HD on 667, Showcase HD on 668, Sho Extreme HD on 669, TMC HD on 674, TMC Xtra HD on 675, Starz Edge HD on 677, Starz Kids & Family HD on 678, Starz Comedy HD on 681, Encore HD on 682, NY1 HD on 701, Palladia HD on 720, Cartoon HD on 722, FX HD on 737, ABC Family HD on 738, History HD on 740, Fox Business News HD on 743, Fox News HD on 744, A&E HD on 746, Disney HD on 749, Learning Channel HD on 752, Toon Disney HD on 760, Lifetime Movie Network HD on 762, Biography HD on 763, Discovery HD on 766, Planet Green HD on 768, Weather Channel HD on 772, Speed HD on 774, Science Channel HD on 775, Travel Channel HD on 788, ESPN News HD on 792, ESPN U HD on 793; Game HD on 791 & 445 for MLB and NHL package customers and NHL Network on 795 for Sports Tier and NHL package customers.

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