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Wizard 101 previews first game content expansion, Dragonspyre

Michael Zenke

KingsIsle, the makers of Wizard101, have unveiled their plans for the next big content update for their card-iconic kid's game. With players still investigating the new PvP spell arena recently added to the title, it's interesting to see new content like this announced so soon! Players who have already worked their way through the four Wizard101 worlds will have a new realm to explore: the world of Dragonspyre. The site of a once-active magical school, the new zone is now a burnt-out husk.

Players will be forced to deal with dark creatures specializing in Fire Magic, and a slew of new opponents. The new content area is expected to drop sometime in January of 2009. Read into the preview from Warcry to enjoy a bevy of screenshots of the new area, or check out Tipa's writing about the game at West Karana for a player's view of Wizard101.

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