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BHN gives free premiums for Florida outage, adds 4 new HD nets early

Darren Murph

We can't possibly overstate the awesomeness of competition, and it's readily apparent in this here scenario. After many Central Florida-based Bright House Networks customers were left without TV service for around eight hours earlier this month, the outfit made known that small refunds would be given. Now, it's stepping the apology up another notch by promising a free month of Showtime HD, The Movie Channel, Showtime on Demand and TMC on Demand. Additionally, it's adding in those four high-def stations -- SciFi HD (1369), FX HD (1370), Travel HD (1365) and USA HD (1399) -- a few days early, giving you four more to enjoy over the Christmas holiday. Thanks, AT&T.

[Thanks, Rob]

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