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Free XBLA game ... if you follow the rules

Ross Miller

Itching for a gratis Xbox Live Arcade game? Microsoft is offering one of five titles for free, but you have to follow these four steps:
  1. Live in the UK.
  2. Sign up for 12 months of Xbox Live Gold between now and January 5. It must be done directly through Xbox Live, meaning you can't use that prepaid card your mom or significant other bought you as a gift.
  3. Decide what game you want free: Zuma, Marble Blast, Sonic the Hedgehog, Assault Heroes or 3D Ultra Minigolf. Do this step in your head.
  4. Download a gamer pic or theme related to the game. Only the first one counts, so make sure you didn't skip Step 3 before downloading a picture of a putter when you're hoping to nab Sonic.
See, folks? Even with digital distribution, TINSTAAFL applies: There is no such thing as a free lunch. Of course, if you were needing to upgrade or renew your subscription anyways, you might as well get something extra out of it.

Update: Sorry, one more caveat folks -- it's UK only.

[Thanks, Richard]

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