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Let us see your Quincy, show it to us

Justin McElroy

By now, we imagine that you've heard the Quincying episode of the Joystiq Podcast, read all about Quincying or, like a quarter-million people, watched the Quincying video. Yes, Griffin McElroy's "Quincying" is a horrifyingly real, worldwide phenomenon.

Though the premise is universal, the "Quincy" is not. Each person must endeavor to make their own man-beast for their Attractive Female Avatar to transmogrify into. But, unlike the rest of the Home community, we want to see your Quincy. Load a single picture of your AFA and your Quincy and post a link in the comments below. We'll put them all in a photo gallery, sure to be a disturbing collection of monstrosities that avatar moms tell their avatar children about, just to scare them into behaving.

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