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Miyamoto and Iwata top 'Persons of the Year' list


Sure, we know how amazingly awesome these two dudes are, but unless you're as obsessed with Nintendo as we are, there's a possibility you don't know who they are. Well, if we could sum these two up in a brief statement, it would be this: they're bad enough to save the president. Also, they make some products we enjoy on a regular basis.

We're not the least bit surprised the Nintendo duo of Shigeru Miyamoto and Satoru Iwata topped GameDaily BIZ's "Persons of the Year 2008" list. They've managed to make a ridiculous amount of money on gaming during a very uncertain economic time, as well as expand the market and bring more players into gaming.

Source - 2008 Persons of the Year: Part 1 (GameDaily)
Source - 2008 Persons of the Year: Part 2 (GameDaily)

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