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Samsung gets slapped in China over dual-mode patent

Chris Ziegler

The majority of the globe doesn't have to worry its pretty little head over this technology, but in China, dual-mode handsets that operate with equal aplomb on CDMA and GSM networks are a way of life. Since we're talking about a billion people here, foreign manufacturers are naturally going to want to get into that action -- but they're going to have to get past patent holder Holleycomm first, especially since they've just been awarded the equivalent of $7.3 million by a Hangzhou court for Samsung's apparent indiscretions on the matter. What's more, Holleycomm says it's not satisfied with the win and intends to milk Sammy for more, and when it's done, it intends to go after other violators. It's funny to hear tales of patent lawsuits in the land that harbors more Keepin' It Real Fake devices than any other -- funny, that is, until you're the one staring down the barrel of that $7.3 million fine.

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