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World of Warcraft claims 11.5 million souls of the faithful

James Egan

The Blizzard Overlord sits upon his World of Warcraft throne, in the grand chamber atop his black tower, the tallest and most ominous structure in all the land. He closes his eyes, projecting his senses outwards, as his gaze sweeps over the conquered MMO world. All he can see before him -- stretching past the horizon -- is his. But still, he feels his influence expanding beyond those present borders, claiming yet more of the territory of his rivals, as his senses return to his surroundings. He reaches out into the air before him, envisioning the entire MMO world within his grasp, held delicately in the palm of his hand. He envisions its millions of quests, scores of guilds, and oceans of gold. The Overlord makes a fist, savoring the thought of absolute control. Yes, there's been a shift in power, and the arrival of his minion by his side confirms it.

Blizzard Overlord: My power grows... I can feel it! It surges through me! *smashes table needlessly* Minion! What has changed?

Minion: Sir, millions more have come into our grasp through the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. World of Warcraft reigns supreme, my lord.

Blizzard Overlord: How many? How many more souls have I claimed?

Minion: reports that 11.5 million subscribers have been claimed by World of Warcraft, boosted by over 4 million copies of Wrath of the Lich King sold to date.

Blizzard Overlord: 2.8 million copies of Wrath sold in one day. ONE DAY! And now this. I am unassailable... the world is truly mine.

Minion: It is indeed, my lord. The World of Warcraft Battle Chests continue to sell as well, as confirmed by GameStop. Our sales exceed even last year's performance.

The Blizzard Overlord laughs maniacally, heady with the newfound power flowing into him. Waves of energy ripple outwards, felt throughout the MMO world, as the Blizzard Overlord continues his ascension to godhood.

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