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WoW Moviewatch: Oxhorn's Christmas Tree

Alex Ziebart

I hate the long, drawn out build-up to Christmas you see these days. Christmas is a holiday, not a season that lasts from late September to early March, alright? I think my love of the holiday as a season died when I worked at a retail store that spent the entire year assembling Christmas trees back in the warehouse. A necessary evil considering how many they sold each year, but impaling yourself on little green needles year 'round sort of crushes the soul a little.

With that said, if anything can get me back into a celebrating mood, it's Oxhorn. Especially when those celebrations include beating Elves brutally until Christmas spews forth from their broken frames. I even like Elves! Okay, saying something like that could put me in a sticky spot. I like most Elves. Is that better?

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