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Could you live on online TV / Netflix alone? One gal found out.

Darren Murph

It's bound to have crossed your mind a time or two: "Could I ditch my pay-TV and still stay entertained?" With the advent of HTPCs and boxes such as the ZvBox, entertainment truly has been disconnected from the coaxial jack that sits quietly behind your TV. Practically every broadcast network (and even a few cable channels) places their hit shows online for viewing, and a whole litany of other internet TV portals are but a URL away. A mettlesome AP writer decided to give it a go for a week, abstaining from live broadcast TV, cable and pay-per-view content; in essence, she survived solely on internet media and Netflix. The nicely journaled experience is a must-read, as it details what she did with her newfound free time and how she coped without the luxuries of DVR and limitless content. At the end of the seven days, she concluded that she could indeed live sans pay-TV so long as she had good broadcast reception, but she still couldn't answer the all-important "but, would I want to?" On that note, would you?

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