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Famitsu: Kojima directing two new titles, aiming at Western markets


Now that Snake is enjoying his favorite TV stories at the retirement village, Metal Gear Solid director Hideo Kojima appears to have set his sights on new projects and distant markets. According to a recent interview within the pages of Japanese mag Famitsu (translation via 1UP), the renowned developer hopes to target overseas regions with his next title -- one of two.

Though one of the projects will reflect design processes employed in previous titles, Kojima Productions will allegedly undergo a "makeover" to put it on par with studios in Europe and America. Will Kojima trump them all with his other mystery game? We'll start off by asking: How many space marines are in it?*

*Note: Joystiq does not actually condone generalizations regarding Western developers, Western tastes nor Westerns. These generalizations are all baseless and contemptible.

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