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Kojima directing two new games simultaneously

Jem Alexander

It sounds like Hideo Kojima is once more hard at work after his post-Metal Gear Solid 4 vacation. In an interview with Japanese magazine Famitsu states that he's directing two new games simultaneously within Kojima Productions. While one game, which is destined to be announced first, is being developed in the traditional Kojima Productions style, his second title is being developed by a newly restructured team within the company and will be focused more towards the Western market.

Kojima wants his studio to, as 1UP puts it, "compete with the best of the best in America and Europe." We say he's been doing this for years now, but if he intends to up his game even further and make even better titles in the future, who are we to complain? As for his two new projects, we can't wait to hear more about them. What's at the top of your personal Kojima wishlist?

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