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Massively Speaking Podcast's Top 5 episodes of 2008

Shawn Schuster

These last weeks of 2008 will inevitably be filled with "Best of" lists for every topic imaginable, so let Massively Speaking be no exception! Michael and I decided to take a day off from the podcast this week in order to give the listeners (and readers) our own little "Best of" list from the 36 episodes we've done since the podcast's inception on April 17th, 2008.

You can bet we'll be back in audio form next week though as we do a proper year-in-review, highlighting the very best MMO news that came out of 2008. But for now, follow along after the cut for my own Top 5 Episodes of Massively Speaking list.

5 - Episode #10. This episode is all about EVE Online with two of the top EVE podcasters out there: David 'CrazyKinux' Perry and Steven 'Alsedrech' Robinson from the Drone Bay Podcast. I found this episode particularly interesting because these guys really know their stuff, and it was great learning so much about the Empyrean Age expansion from them.

4 - Episode #26. In this one, it was just Michael and I, doing what we do best: talking about MMOs. I received a couple emails from people who said they enjoyed the more personal nature of this one, and they love how Michael and I work together so well when we're just being ourselves and not interviewing someone important.

3 - Episode #21. This one was so much fun because Michael and I were joined by Kyle Horner, and we just got to talk about how amazing PAX was this year. The fresh excitement was still lingering from the convention, and you can certainly tell in our voices.

2 - Episode #24. Following the launch of Warhammer Online, we were joined by Mythic's Josh Drescher and Dan Enright for some great discussion on the game. Not only was it very informative, but we had so much fun recording it with these guys. If only you all could hear the parts we left out...

1 - Episode #34. LotRO's Executive Producer, Jeffrey Steefel, joins us on this one to discuss the new expansion for the game: Mines of Moria. This one doesn't simply take top spot for me because I'm a huge LotRO nerd, but Steefel is genuinely a great interview. Not only that, he knows his game inside and out and isn't afraid to be enthusiastic about it. Plus, have you seen his wikipedia page? The guy is a superstar.

So that's my top five episodes, but what are yours? Let us know which episodes stuck out in your mind the most as we take on 2009 full force!

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