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Microsoft, Sony reps to face off in Street Fighter IV grudge match

Community managers for Microsoft and Sony are finally taking it to the street, Street Fighter IV that is. According to Kotaku, this year's Consumer Electronics Show will host a large-scale tournament for the anticipated fighter that pits Microsoft, Sony and Capcom reps against each other. Three 20-person teams, captained by Microsoft's Larry Hryb (aka Major Nelson), Sony's Jeff Rubenstein, and Capcom's Seth Killian, will throw down during the January 2009 trade show in search of gaming fame's best.

Console grudge match or clever marketing scheme? Regardless, this will be one of the few times Microsoft and Sony reps will be able to hit each other legally. We don't want to call a winner yet, but we can't wait to see the Vegas odds on this one. Microsoft and Sony going up against Capcom in Street Fighter IV? Yeah, good luck with that.

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