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Nokia's 6208 classic: touchscreen, yes; S60, not so much

Chris Ziegler

Quick: name a Nokia phone with a touchscreen. Added complication: it can't be running Symbian. Struggling a bit? Well, we've got at least one answer here in the form of the just-leaked 6208 classic, a candybar approved by China's spectrum peeps that does a 2.85-inch touchscreen, 3.2-megapixel cam, microSD slot, Bluetooth, and a moderately unimpressive 2,000 entry-deep address book. Normally, we'd expect a Nokia with this kind of spec to do S60 -- and lack a physical numeric keypad, for that matter -- but things work a little differently in the Chinese market, and given Nokia's dominance out there, we're not going to call 'em out.

Update: Turns out Nokia's China site actually does have the 6208 classic up, and the touchscreen's 2.4 inches, not 2.85 as reported by Thanks, Erick!

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