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Stocking Stuffer iPhone Apps

Todd Ritter

Looking for late gifts for iPhone owners? Here are some iPhone apps that are great for last-minute stocking stuffers or to show off your iPhone to your relatives during the holidays:

Charades ($1.99 US) -- While you're gathered around friends and family with nothing to do after the presents have been opened, use this app to generate some of the over 1000 charades games provided. The app offers a difficulty setting and Wikipedia links to each charade (in case you get stuck trying to act it out).

MistleSnow iPhone App

MistleSnow (free) -- appropriate for the holiday season, this app displays a picture of mistletoe adorned with a red ribbon so that you can steal kisses when the need arises. Shaking your phone will start a gentle snowfall on your screen while also playing a holiday song.

Number 14 iPhone App

Number 14 ($1.99 US)- this app is an original math puzzle game where you are presented with four numbers (0-9) and must perform basic math functions on those numbers to end up with 14. For instance, if you're given 6, 2, 8, and 4, you would multiply 2 and 8 to get 16, then you would subtract the 6 to get 10 and add the 4 to get 14.

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