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Taiwan's proposed DRAM industry bailout puts the word "global" in economic downturn


It looks like a $6.5 billion dollar bailout of Taiwan's DRAM industry is in the works, a move that is proving as controversial on the island as the auto bailout is Stateside. The DRAM market has been in decline a while now, as evidenced by the recent closure of the Hynix plant in Eugene, where some 1,100 souls once worked doggedly to topple the likes of Intel and AMD. Now, we don't really know all the particulars of this admittedly complex situation, but we sure hope that lawmakers over there are able to work something out -- after the recent debut of Phantom of the Opera peformed by robots at Taiwan's University of Science and Technology, we're sure that people there could use something to lift their spirits.

[Via TG Daily]

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