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Tony Hawk's Adrenaline to be 'way more realistic'


Inside sources suggest that it'll be "quite a bit" more realistic than the above image.

And who better to trust on the matter than the pro skater himself, Tony Hawk? In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, the 40-year-old boarder dubbed the next game to feature his virtual likeness as "a real departure" from previous endeavors. "It's a whole new direction for us," said Hawk. "And it's going to be way more realistic and way more interactive. I'm really proud of it."

The "it" refers to Tony Hawk's Adrenaline, which is due for release in Fall 2009. Though details on the Skate competitor remain scarce, we know that it will not be played "with a controller in your hands." This has lead outrageous internet theorists to conclude that Adrenaline will come bundled with -- get this -- some sort of motion-sensing skateboard peripheral. Never.

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