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Upgrade to Live gold, get free XBLA game or DLC

Dustin Burg

'Tis the season for giving and Microsoft refuses to be labeled as a "scrooge" this holiday, so they're giving away free downloadable goodies. That is, if you're currently an Xbox Live silver member who is willing to pay to upgrade to gold.

Both U.S. and some European countries can score either a free Xbox Live Arcade game or downloadable content for upgrading to gold Live. Each offer requires silver Live members to upgrade to a gold 12 month subscription prior to January 5th and the account upgrade must be done online. Then, once the subscription is paid in full, you'll get to select from a variety of free XBLA games and DLC that's specific to each offer. Free goodies including N+, Zuma, Marble Blast, H3 Legendary Map Pack and more. Click the offers below to get all the details and get learned about the specifics.

[Via Joystiq, Thanks Jonathan]

Source - Free gift for U.S. Xbox Live
Source - Free gift for European Xbox Live

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