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Xbox 360 portablized, ruggedized and Ben Heckified into Pelican case


It seems that our man Benjamin Heckendorn has elevated the laptop Xbox mod into something of an art form. Remember the boxy white model that looked like a way outclassed Toshiba Portege (ca. 1995)? Or how about the sci-fi stylings of the Xbox 360 Elite laptop? If you're looking for something a little more rugged, the newest addition to the menagerie sees the console mounted in a Pelican case. The rest is the usual Ben Heck artistry: 17-inch widescreen LCD, speakers, top loading DVD-ROM, removable hard drive, USB and ethernet ports -- all set in brushed aluminum. And the best part? This isn't a consignment job, so if you're going to be working on an Alaskan pipeline or find yourself shipping out with the military, you might want to consider making an offer. Video after the break.

[Thanks, Stagueve]

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