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RIM sues Motorola right back for blocking poaching

Chris Ziegler

RIM has seen Moto's recent misfortunes as a great opportunity to ramp up its Chicago office and bring in some fresh talent that would otherwise be out of work, but in the process, they've allegedly been poaching folks that are still on the payroll -- and that's where things start to get a little complicated. Motorola didn't like that terribly much and went all legal on 'em a few months ago, but RIM is now countersuing on the claim that Moto's going a little too far in blocking RIM's job offers to prospective employees. Turns out the two companies had an agreement in place at one time that they'd not solicit each others' staff, but RIM says that agreement expired in August, making it open season in Schaumburg. Let's put it this way: if the Storm suddenly gets rebranded the "RIMSTRM" next year, we think we know why.

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