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Da-Lite reads the trends well, intros 3D Projector Stackers

Darren Murph

You just have to love how meaningful bandwagons can be, don't you? With practically everyone from movie studio heads to TV makers champing at the bit to involve themselves with the advent of 3D, Da-Lite is making sure it doesn't miss the boat. The screen company has just announced its new 3D Projector Stackers, which are hailed as "the perfect mounting solution for front or rear projection stereoscopic 3D displays." Sure, we're no experts in mounting, but the timing here indicates that there just might be a bit of marketing hoopla going on. At any rate, the Stackers are available with two shelf sizes and are built to accommodate "the most common projectors in the market." Oh, and if you're wondering how these are so beneficial, Da-Lite states that "because projector alignment is critical to an excellent 3D display, each cradle offers a host of fine tuning adjustments to make image alignment simple and efficient." Right-o.

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