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NAD coming to CES bearing gifts for AV enthusiasts

Steven Kim

New two-channel gear aside, you just know NAD wouldn't turn its back on components for this fad of moving pictures with audio. Sure enough, New Audio Dimensions is bringing out updates to its T-series of AV receivers (T 785, T 775, T 765), T 175 AV Tuner-Pre-Pro and Master Series M15HD Pre-Pro. The most notable new tech here is the use of Modular Design Construction (MDC) -- a design that allows NAD to build new functionality into products module-by-module for tasks like audio decoding and image processing. The $4,000 T 785 receiver packs in the top of the line AM 200 and VM 200 modules for audio and video, respectively, and things step downward to the AM 100 and VM 100 modules by the time you get to the $3,000 T 765 receiver. Follow the link for full model line pricing info.

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