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Austin, TX's KXAN takes local news HD, leaves KTBC as lone outlier

Darren Murph

Everything is supposedly bigger in Texas, and we can imagine the awkwardness of being the only station in Austin to not offer local news in high-def is substantial. Just before Christmas, the city's NBC affiliate (KXAN) turned the screws on high-definition news, with revamped on-screen graphics and on-air tools. The station collaborated with FX Group in order to "design a visually creative and flexible news set that will be used for all newscasts," and of course, it also upgraded to HD cameras and HD weather forecasting equipment. With the transition complete, it leaves KTBC-TV (FOX) as the only game in town to not even offer newscasts in HD, though we suspect it'll be forced to get with the program soon in order to avoid further embarrassment.

[Thanks, John]

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