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DC Universe Online's revenue model and development discussed

Kyle Horner

DC Universe Online's senior producer Wes Yanagi recently spoke with Gamasutra about a ton of things related to the supermen title, but the big question asked was related to RMT. While he couldn't say whether or not the game would be based on a subscription or microtransactional model, Yanagi did say he thought microtransaction models had huge potential. To illustrate his point Yanagi brought up Free Realms, saying that SOE will probably see a financial success there. This echoes many opinions convinced that SOE is testing the waters with Free Realms in order to see what does and doesn't work in a western market.

To us, it sounds like there's a fairly good chance we'll see some kind of microtransaction system for DC Universe Online. And why not? Superhero games with lots of costume customization make for good itemization, such as the Cyborg Booster pack in City of Heroes.

It wasn't all RMT and business model discussion, though. Yanagi also brings his the team's desire to finish all the game's features before it ever hits beta, which we think is a wonderful idea. Between bad beta experiences and their effect on games and seemingly half-cooked features in launched titles, it's nice to see developers paying attention.

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