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Gaming to Go: Space Invaders Extreme (p3)


So what are you waiting for? Space Invaders Extreme is apparently out of stock on Amazon until January 2, 2009, but even the thought of dragging the piggy bank out and hitting up your local store shouldn't deter you. If you haven't experienced it yet, this version of Space Invaders is one definitely worth picking up, as it's pretty satisfying to play whether you're on your commute or just lazing around during the holidays.

Ready for the stats?

Sleep time: Space Invaders Extreme won't pause unless you force it to, sadly.

Load time: Around twenty-seven seconds to jump into the Arcade mode, courtesy of everyone's favorite corporate logos.

Play time: The first few levels shouldn't take you too long, provided you're not awful. Later ones can be pretty challenging, so let's say this one is up to your personal skill level. Still, the levels are short enough to be ideal for gaming on the go, and that's what counts, right?

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