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IXtreme 1.5 unlocks your non-Hitachi spinning Xbox 360

Tim Stevens

We love a good hacker vs. hardware battle, and while Microsoft has thus far done a reasonably good job of keeping miscreants from diddling with the details of the Xbox 360's firmware, applying patches and dropping ban hammers on those who don't comply, as of this morning it seems to be losing the arms race. Team Jungle has released version 1.5 of its IXtreme firmware, allowing for (relatively) easy cracking and unlocking of Xbox 360 consoles containing LiteOn, BenQ, and Samsung DVD drives (i.e. the majority of them). That leaves only Hitachi owners out in the cold, but if that's you don't fret: your version is just a few weeks away. Happy homebrewing!

[Thanks, Andrey M]

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