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Yuji Naka talks Let's Tap, departure from Sega


Described as "thoughtful and driven" by his interviewer, Yuji Naka is a man inexorably linked to Sonic the Hedgehog -- well, back when that was the cool thing to have on your business card -- and now, the surprisingly fun Let's Tap. Speaking to Gamasutra's Brandon Sheffield during TGS 2008, Naka delved into the reasons for leaving his position at Sega for startup Prope (still backed by Sega).

"The game industry has a very short history behind it, and as a result, the more games you make, the further you work your way up the company ladder, until you become one of the heads of the whole outfit," he explained. "Once that happens, you start running out of time to actually make games." We can't really blame the man for wanting to make games, even though his realistic reasoning comes at the expense of the "hedgehogs with guns ARGH" tantrum we've always envisioned him throwing on his last day at the office.

As for the "Let's [Verb]" series, Naka hopes to continue it should Let's Tap and Let's Catch catch on. Shh, nobody tell him the bad news.

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