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A look back: our predictions for 2008


PSP Fanboy has been making predictions every year for the last two years now. We found incredible success the first time around. Did we strike gold in 2008? Let's find out.

PSP Prediction #1: New limited edition PSP bundles with high-profile games and peripherals.
"SCEA will release a special gold PSP-2000 system that includes God of War: Chains of Olympus and a Memory Stick for $200." Yes! We got that one right ... almost The God of War bundle came with a red PSP and -- we guessed it -- retailed for $200. Unfortunately, we were wrong that "Sony will release a PSP system bundled with GPS in the US." Drats.

PSP Prediction #2: The PSP Store will debut a huge franchise exclusively for download.
The PlayStation Store was successfully launched this year, so we get that right. The Store includes Network-exclusive games like Syphon Filter and Super Stardust Portable. They're not "huge" games, but they're still pretty big titles. Japan has also fully embraced the Store, offering all first-party titles as downloadable games.

PSP Prediction #3: Square Enix will bring tons of PS1 love to PSP.
"PSP fans will find that Square Enix will resurrect many of its long-forgotten PS1 franchises back to the PSP." We were right about that one ... but only in Japan. However, Square Enix showed some more love for PSP by moving games like Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, Dissidia: Final Fantasy, The 3rd Birthday and Final Fantasy Agito XIII to our favorite handheld.

PSP Prediction #4: Sony will release tools to program widgets for PSP.
We stated that "this is probably our most ambitious prediction." And because of that, we were wrong. We thought Sony would finally embrace the homebrew community by offering some kind of programming suite for PSP. Instead, Sony created the PSP-3000 which added some hardware-based security measures against hacking. Whoops. (And our prediction sounded so cool too!)

PSP Prediction #5: Video playback will be enhanced in future fimrware revisions.
We were partially right with this prediction. We said "gamers will be able to watch videos of any size up to 720x480 pixels -- including 640x480." And lo and behold, firmware 5.00 added support for 640x480 video. We also predicted DivX support would be added to the system, but that definitely didn't happen.

While it looks like we were mostly accurate with our predictions again, there are many things we couldn't foresee. For example, we didn't make mention of the current software shortage. With so many games to look forward to in early 2008, we couldn't have known that PSP would be a deserted wasteland right now. We also failed to predict a PSP-3000 revision, thinking Sony wouldn't rush a new release so soon after the 2000. We were wrong about that, as well.

2009 will be a much better year for PSP, but right now it's hard to get a clear look at what the future of the system may look like. We know that there are games in development for release in 2009 -- but many haven't been announced. Let's hope our crystal ball predicts a bright future for PSP. Until then, feel free to read the comments from last year's predictions thread. It's surreal reading comments from a year ago!

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