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Around Azeroth: Raiding for cowards


Hey, what has two thumbs and is too scared to face a pre-BC raid boss? This guy! Actually, Blabba from Bladefist is less a coward and more of a victim of circumstance. As he tells it, his guild took ten people through to brute-force Molten Core, only two of whom had ever done the instance before. The experienced leaders decided to have some fun with the group on Ragnaros. They told the casters to stand with their backs to the wall, but informed melee that they were on their own.

As such, Blabba was taken by surprise when Rag's knockback blasted him to the top of the pillar. He jumped down, managed to get in one hit with his weapon, and was hit back to the pillar again. After this experience, he decided that his guild could nine-man Rag and stayed atop the pillar for the rest of the fight. It took his group two minutes to locate him after the boss went down. I can't blame him -- I've spent many a boss fight wishing I were watching it from a safe distance away.

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