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'Commander' viral campaign continues blockily


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We just received a totally mysterious comment on our first post about the "Who is the Commander" viral marketing campaign, which is purportedly linked to some upcoming Wii game. The comment, from "CommanderVideo," read:


Yay! We've been made complicit in one of those ARG things! Or, at least, some PR person noticed we exist. The new data on seems to consist only of the above image, "hidden" behind a tiny pink hyperlink. The image doesn't really give us much information that we can use, nor does its filename, J_BN_POMZ_B_NBO.jpg (which, as commenter Aaron points out, is "I AM ONLY A MAN" with all the letters shifted). The image does kind of look like it could relate to an abstract shooting game, we suppose, with a weird cubey ship flying over a weird cubey landscape.

We feel a bit like chumps for furthering this marketing campaign, but if there is a Wii game behind all this nonsense, we want to know about it, and the best way for that to happen is to review, and share, all the material we're given!

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