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FanPoll'08: Music Game of the Year / Role-Playing Game of the Year

Rock Band 2 destroyed the competition grabbing 66% of the vote to be named the X3F Community Music Game of the Year. Guitar Hero: World Tour unfortunately could never close the gap and Lips ... well, now we know how many units it sold!

Get ready to rock, again! Rock Band 2 returns with new music, the ability to use all old tracks and an upgraded multiplayer mode. Rock Band 2 is the includes over 500 tracks!

From the comments:
"Rock Band 2 baby!" -- xALeXz

Fallout 3 took top spot and didn't look back in this poll to win our readers Role-Playing Game of the Year award. In the beginning Fable II put up some stiff competition but a surge of votes put Fallout 3 firmly ahead with 55% of the vote.

The world has been destroyed and you've been safely living in Vault 101, one of many bomb shelters throughout the D.C. area. One day your father leaves the Vault and you follow, searching or answers and your missing father. Fallout 3 is an epic role-playing game with multiple paths and endings and incredible possibilities.

From the comments:
"Fallout 3 wins it for me. I've spent hours in the game and still yet to finish it all (including all the side quests)." -- Graeme Q

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