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FanPoll'08: Studio of the Year

This category was surprising for a few reasons. Originally votes had Epic Games locked in to take the community award for Studio of the Year but a late surge of votes for Bethesda took over the top spot netting the RPG developer the Reader's Choice pick. Epic Games inched out Rockstar North for second place with Burnout Paradise developer coming in fourth with a surprisingly low amount of votes. Ubisoft Montreal and EA Redwood Shores rounded out the voting at fifth and sixth respectively.

The world has been destroyed and you've been safely living in Vault 101, one of many bomb shelters throughout the D.C. area. One day your father leaves the Vault and you follow, searching or answers and your missing father. Fallout 3 is an epic role-playing game with multiple paths and endings and incredible possibilities.

From the comments:
"Bethesda Wins Hands Down. Their Open World games (Oblivion and Fallout mainly) are very large, with much content and gameplay, not to mention Planned DLC for Fallout 3." -- Controller4

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