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Ford announces self-parking cars, future 16 year olds totally psyched


We've seen self-parking automobiles before, but Ford's system -- part of the company's new power steering technology -- not only works on hills (unlike the Lexus), but employs sensors that are also used on the road to monitor blind spots and notify the driver of approaching traffic. The auto-parking technology is set to debut on the 2010 Lincoln MKS sedan and Lincoln MKT luxury crossover vehicle, while the new-school power steering -- which uses the vehicle's battery rather than its hydraulic system, improving fuel economy and reducing carbon emissions in the process -- should be popping up in nearly ninety percent of Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles by 2012. Pretty soonish, by auto industry standards, but not soon enough for the nation's tenth graders, who will need to perfect their three point turns if they want to get their licenses before the Spring Fling.

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