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Guildwatch: Farming instances for the holidays

Mike Schramm

Lots of guilds were off for the holidays, but we still had a surprising amount of news: lots of drama, plenty of downs to report, and a few more guilds recruiting for a serious run at the new endgame.

Hope your holidays were happy -- here at Guildwatch, we got exactly what we wanted: angry forum threads, tips from all over the realms, and even a few very offensive vent recordings. If you've got news of guild drama, downings, or recruitment, send it to And hit the link below to see this week's GW.


  • Seriously, who has time for a three hour AIM conversation? And apparently after chatting for hours (and eventually being ignored for bugging someone even after being asked to stop), Isteli, formerly of House Nightstone, still felt there was something to say, so he posted it on the Earthen Ring forums for everyone to see. Sure, he was actually asked not to level to 80 so the guildleader could get their character up there first, and sure, that's dumb (as you can see from the rest of the thread, Sirithil doesn't exactly have a fan club as it is). But the proper response to being asked not to level to 80 is to... level to 80 and get on with your life. I like Fizzlepocket's solution, too: "Hey could you not level to 80 so I can get there first?" "No u."
  • Nahri of Legacy on Medivh had his friend Lr "accidentally" send the loot from Vault to him instead of the person who actually won the roll. At first they said it was a mistake, and then when pressed to put in a ticket, they fessed up: "I've been thinking about it and decided to keep the pants." Not the first time they've been accused of doing shady things with loot either (even though caps lock much?) -- watch out for them if you happen to be on the server.
  • Someone from Tribo (who we mentioned last week had kicked some people supposedly for PuGing) and they say that the rule specifically says that raiders are not supposed to PuG content that they're progressing on or farming -- I.E. someone raiding with them can't use up their ID on a PuG for that week. Which is perfectly reasonable, and as we said last week, rules are rules. If your GL wants to you raid while standing on one foot, you do it or leave the guild. Tribo also says they're recruiting for endgame raiding -- they're currently working on 25man Malygos. Just don't PuG what they're farming.
  • This After Midnight of Uldaman recruiting thread goes great -- until page four, when a lowbie alt shows up with a lot of inside guild knowledge and an axe to grind. After that it's just plain fascinating, like when your uncle gets drunk at a relatively peaceful family reunion and starts shouting out all of the family secrets. Great read.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, Sikwitted. He's in LootCrusade of Black Dragonflight, and that thread features not one but two hilarious Vent recordings. Caution: these clips contain lots and lots of offensive language.
  • Loot drama in poetic form. This is best "Night Before Christmas" parody I've seen this year, even if I can't quite make out what happened. But it's still funny.
  • Apparently there were a few jerks in Audacious on Muradin who purposely stood over the presents in Ironforge on Christmas Day. It still wasn't too hard to get to the presents, we hear, but these guys were unrepentant, and apparently even looked forward to the bad press they'd get from it. Later in the week, though, the GM officially apologized, but did anyone get /gkicked? We hear they messed with people for nearly 10 hours. I wouldn't want any of those kinds of people in my guild or PuGs.
  • Intent of EU Nordrassil-H was formed for Wrath from players with a huge range of raid experience, and right before Christmas, they took down Sapphiron and Kel'Thuzad (10-man). Malygos is on notice! They're also recruiting "a handful of players" so check the website if interested.
  • Durability Zero on Silvermoon-A has cleared 10man Naxxramas and is on their way to Eye of Eternity! With Obsidian Sanctum and Vault of Archavon (regular and heroic) on farm, they plan to start Heroic Naxxramas runs soon after the holidays. They have also opened recruitment for healers in any form and consideration will be given to outstanding DPSers, especially Shadow Priests.
  • LAWLRUS on Duskwood-H has downed 10man Kel'Thuzad, Archavon, and Sartharion and is working on Malygos. Grats!
  • Knights of the Shadows, of Kalecgos, has had their first full-clear of heroic Naxxramas, with guild-first kills of Thaddius, Sapphiron, and Kel'thuzad this week. With some time left in the raid, they went on to have a guild's first attempt/clear of heroic Obsidian Sanctum, and one-shotted it, and then finished off the Vault for fun. Grats to all!
  • alea iacta est on Earthen Ring cleared the Arachnid Quarter, Noth the Plaguebringer, Patchwerk and Grobbulus so far in Naxxramas. Obsidian Sanctum and Vault are on Farm. Gluth is on notice, and they're getting their dance steps ready for Heigan too.
  • Cicarios from Vashj has downed all 10 man content this past week, and the Spider and Plague wings in 25man Naxx. They are currently recruiting Priests (any spec) and Warlocks. Kel'thuzad is on notice, to be downed very soon.
  • Vulgar Display of Power on Drak'thul-H has downed Arachnid and Plague Quarter on 10man, with Four Horsemen on notice for next time. They are also recruting healers of all kinds along with SPriests and Warlocks.
  • Blades of Light on Sentinels completed Obsidian Sanctum and Vault of Archavon 25man versions. And they've been rolling through Naxx lately too, dropping 7/15.
  • Plan B of Terrokar has cleared all four wings of Naxx, but Sapphiron has been giving them trouble. So last week they decided to buckle down and do it. Nine hours (!) later, they dropped him. Kel'thuzad is on notice, and they're also recruiting healers and, you guessed it, ranged DPS.
  • L I G H T N I N G of EU Kilrogg have cleared all content and one-shotted most of Naxx, including Sapphiron and Kel'thuzad. They say they're the only late night Alliance hardcore raiding guild on Kilrogg, and their motto is "we only rest when it's over."
  • Ka-Tet of the Vek'nilash server downed Arachnid quarter on their first night of 25 mans, and the next night they went right back in and finished off a few others, including Noth and Heigan. Grats!
  • By the Sword of Azgalor-A downed all bosses in the Plague quarter of Naxx 10man last week, which isn't an outstanding achievement unless you consider that seven members of the raid wiped early in the fight, leaving just three Pallys to finish things. Drax (Prot) and Arthaniel (Holy) basically two-manned the boss, we hear, and the rest of the raid just sat there... for 42 minutes. Well grats anyway!
  • Foundation on Dentarg-H has cleared 25man Naxx. Nice job.
  • Wrath Reborn on Drenden-A downed Sarth 10 man, and are about halfway through Naxx. They're also recruiting healers.
  • Siegehammer of Mug'thol downed 10-man Obsidian Sanctum, 10-man Vault of Archavon, and Arachnid Quarter of Naxx-10 last week. They're looking to clear more Naxx this week as well.
  • The Horde Initiative on Hellscream downed 10man Naxx, regular and heroic Obsidian Sanctum, and heroic Vault as well. They're recruiting three healers and a few ranged DPS for solid spots on the 25man team so they can head off to heroic Naxx as well.
  • The Frothy Mug Clan (winners of this week's Best Guild Name award) of Feathermoon downed Sapphiron and Kel'Thezad in 10man Naxx, and they now have all four wings on farm.
  • iHorde on Executus cleared all 10 man content (Archavon, Naxx, Sartharion, and Malygo) in just 6 hours 9 minutes, and that was with a couple of attempts at Sartharion with a drake up. Awesome and all, but time to move on to 25mans, no?
  • Guardians of Stormwind on downed Arachnid, Plague, and Construct wings, Razuvius, Harvester, Archavon, and Sartharion during their first week of 10mans. And they did it with a Death Knight MT (though I'm not sure if that makes it easier or harder).
  • Portent Alliance on Sentinels-H has downed the Plague, Spider, and DK wings, plus Patchwork in Naxx 10-man after just the first week of taking on the instance. They're off for the holidays but will be back soon to clear the place out.
  • Mythic on Sen'jin took down the last two bosses in 10man Naxx, Sapphiron and Kel'Thuzad. Grats!
  • The Covenant is made of 3 guilds on Malygos, and just completed 10 man Naxx after only three weeks of raiding. They're putting their server's namesake on notice.
  • Team Punishment on Thunderlord is in dire need of players!!! (that's their three exclamation points, not ours) They are currently taking all classes 71 and up to fill up the guild roster. Some of our core members are from the same area in southern IL/IN, and they're looking to start up raiding in the endgame, first 10mans and then more if they have the numbers.
  • Late NIght Show ("deliberate mis-capitalisation," they say, "the reasons for which are lost in time") is a late-night guild on EU Balnazzar, raiding from 10pm - 2am. They've been around since late September 2007 and got as far as downing Illidan before Wrath came along. 10man Naxx and Sartharion are cleared weekly, and 25mans are just getting underway. They're seeking healers of all classes, an Ele Shaman and a Boomkin.
  • Blood Bonded of Madoran-A is recruiting. They're looking for a couple of good healers (of any persuasion) and some more DPS to go into 10 and 25 man instances. Their first priority is having fun together, and second priority is progression. Learn more about what they're about on the website.
  • The Unforsaken on The Underbog-A is looking for people to help break into 10man Naxx. They are a good group of dedicated players with good leadership, but need more interested people to start putting together a raid group. Specifically good DPS, but healers and tanks are certainly welcome!
  • Daedalus Wing on Earthen Ring-H is recruiting. They are a small RP guild with casual end-game PvE aspirations. They're open to any race, class, and level; just looking for fun people who like to RP and run instances (and 10-man raids, when they have the numbers). Look them up ingame to discuss your character.
  • Following a busy summer, Repent on EU The Maelstrom-A is looking to recruit 5-6 healers so that they can raid 25 man instances on a more regular and predictable basis. They've cleared most of the content pre-Wrath, and value intelligence and social skills above all. They raid Monday through Friday in the evenings. Check the website to apply.
  • Nemêsis is an adult, progression-oriented raiding guild on Ysera-H. They don't take raiding lightly, but they do have fun while doing it. They are raiding three days a week with a solid 25man group of raiders, but they're always looking to fill out the ranks. Hit the website for more info.
  • The War Machine on Proudmoore are currently seeking additional members to get 25 mans rolling after having cleared (and now farmed) all 10 man content. While decked out epics aren't a complete must-have, reliability and a good attitude are. Check out their site for more information. Transfers welcome.
That's it for GW this week. Until next week, have a great holiday and happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including an honest-to-goodness /gkick contract, and lots of red-handed bank looting. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!

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