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LittleBigPlanet data loss caused by BigBigGlitch


Our favorite PS3 fanboys over at ... PS3 Fanboy report that a glitch in LittleBigPlanet is causing everything from game progress to user-generated content to go missing. It's looking like the culprit is the actual player profile, which it seems was only designed to hold so much stuff, even though there's tons of stuff – especially community-generated content, which seems to be the core problem here – to be had in the game. Whoops.

We've experienced an irritating side effect of the glitch: when attempting to create a new level, we're treated as if we've never gone through the Popit tutorial. Tedious! We're sure Media Molecule will be on this peskiness toot sweet once it returns from holiday. In the meantime, be a cautious SackBoy or Girl.

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