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Nokia E63 gets reviewed


Nokia's QWERTY-equipped E63 handset hasn't exactly been making itself shy since those first few spy shots turned up way back in October, but it's been another matter getting some solid impressions of the device from folks that have actually spent some quality time with it. Thankfully, PhoneArena has now stepped in and provided one of their usually thorough reviews for those that still prefer a good 'ol keypad. On the whole, while the site says it may not be the ideal choice for business folks or the more demanding users out there, they say that most everyone else will find plenty to like, with the phone boasting decent enough sound quality, a solid keypad, and an all-too-often overlooked 3.5mm jack, all in a sturdy and compact body. On the downside, the camera is apparently decidedly lackluster, and some of the function buttons could cause a bit of frustration, to name a few quibbles. Hit up the link below for the full rundown including, of course, plenty of pics (and even a 360 degree view).

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