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Oppo's Muse G11 is more portable than an SNES, cheaper than an iPod Touch

Tim Stevens

Looking to mix in some illegal ROM downloading action with your standard PMP activities? Oppo's got your number with the Muse G11, confirmed back in September and just now getting a few more details. The swiveling 3.2-inch, 432 x 240 touchscreen device offers a scant 4GB of storage, low for its $161 asking price, but support for extensive audio and video formats, text to speech capabilities, and integrated FM tuning make it a bit more functional than your average media player. Of course its biggest draw will be among the gaming community thanks to its d-pad and dedicated buttons, but we still don't have any confirmation of what sort of games it'll support out of the box -- nor any idea of when we might be able to get our hands on one.

[Via PMP Today]

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