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PlayStation Blog's informative 'PS3 How-to' guides


The PlayStation Blog has been posting some rather informative "PS3 How-to" guides over the last week. Sure, the videos cover fairly rudimentary stuff, but having an audio-visual walkthrough of the powerful black monolith's non-game features doesn't hurt. Hopefully, we'll continue to see this series grow and delve into more complex features. We'd love to see an official video of the very helpful XMB "theme creation walkthrough" from earlier this year. Check out more of the "PS3 How to" guides after the break.

Source - PS3 How To: Setting up Remote Play between Your PSP and PS3
Source - PS3 How To: Creating and Viewing a Photo Slideshow
Source - PS3 How To: Importing a Music CD and Creating an Audio Playlist

How to use remote play with PSP

PS3 How to create and view a photo slide show

PS3 How to import a CD

PS3 How to create a playlist

PS3 How to use visualizer

PS3 How to use video chat

PS3 How to use browser

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