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Renegade Kid teases new project


We like Renegade Kid. As the name behind Dementium (flawed, but still fun and hella scary) and the extremely promising Moon, the studio is shaping up to be one of the success stories of this generation.

And now they're coming back with a brand new game for the DS! Or the Wii! We don't really know, because if Renegade Kid's Jools Watsham tells us anything about this new project, somebody will probably have to kill him, or something. All he'll reveal is that the project is "the game I'm most excited about ever in my career." Wow. For what it's worth, we snooped around on Renegade Kid's job postings page like the ace sleuths that we are, and found them looking for a DS level designer.

Those minor, minor clues aside, it's a mystery for now, but going on past form, there's a chance some very cool 3D technology will be involved.


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