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Samsung growing its own 4G chipsets

Chris Ziegler

You know those annoying little stickers you get on new handsets proudly boasting that they're packing 3G technology from Qualcomm? Yeah, well, those have already started to go away as manufacturers have turned to competing chipsets -- but Samsung buyers definitely won't need to peel those off anymore in a year or two when the Korean giant starts rolling out its WiMAX- and LTE-based phones. Its own homegrown WiMAX silicon is already available in sample quantities to both its own phone guys and other companies, and LTE versions are on the way (though it's not clear whether the LTE stuff will be ready in time for their very first phone models to use the technology). Ultimately, Samsung hopes to shave costs and avoid a few pesky royalty payments by doing things in-house, and seeing how every single phone in a few years is going to need one of these two technologies on board, we'd say this is a good place to start.

[Via GigaOM]

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