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Account security mythbusting, part 4

Michael Sacco

Ah, but I don't need an Authenticator, you're saying to yourself. I know a great way to beat keyloggers.

MYTH: Copying and pasting your account name and password from a text file will make it impossible for a keylogger to steal your login information

Sorry, MacGyver. It's a fairly trivial matter for many keylogging programs to check your clipboard. This is not an effective way to keep your information secure.

Myth Status

Saving the best for last on this one.

MYTH: Blizzard is in cahoots with gold sellers and they use them to make money off of RMT while maintaining a good public face by denouncing such transactions.

I used to see this one a lot on the forums and I think any reasonable person knows this is about as true as me being an actual talbuk.

Myth Status
: Not even worth addressing.

Hope you guys can use this information, and if you have any questions of this nature (or any common myths about Blizzard), I pretty much guarantee I can give you an answer provided it won't cause any legal snafus.

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