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DISH Network pulls up 30 stations short of 150 HD channels goal

Darren Murph

It was a valiant effort, it really was, but unless DISH Network pulls 30 channels out of its back pocket this afternoon, it will fall short of its 150 HD channel goal. If you'll recall, the satcaster proudly proclaimed that it would be offering 150 high-def channels before the year's end, and with just hours to go (in this part of the world, anyway) before 2009 begins, it looks like failure is in sight. Now, there's nothing at all wrong with 120 high-definition stations -- we mean, hordes of cable subscribers would do unfathomable things for that many options -- but it's certainly good to call DISH on the rug in order to get those extra 30 out on the double. Let's make a deal, DISH -- you provide the remainder to the people within 30 days or so, and we'll pretend you meant before Chinese New Year.

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