Thought controlled orchestra makes its debut in Prague

The Multimodal Brain Orchestra had its world premiere last week in Prague, a city known for its big thinkers (and its Velvet Revolution). As a guy in black tie-and-tails led the traditional players through their arpeggios and glissandos, an "emotional conductor" led four performers fitted with G-Tec caps as they controlled both visuals and the sounds, frequencies, and volumes of various instruments. The controls were based on two of the effects that EEGs measure, SSVEP (or steady-state evoked potential) and the P300 signal. While we're not sure if this will ever take off in the classical world, we do think that there are quite a few turntablists who could do some wild things with a thought controlled Kaoss Pad. Are you listening, Korg? Video after the break.

[Via Make]