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One Shots: Wintersday in Ascalon

It's been a while since we heard from this contributor, but we're glad to welcome back Shawn W, who has sent in lovely Guild Wars screenshots and a panorama before. Today we're featuring one of the smaller Wintersday images he's recently sent in to us - but we'll be bringing more of his incredibly lovely holiday panoramas to you in the days to come! With Wintersday at its height today until midnight in Guild Wars, this is a great time to pop back in and check out the events if you haven't been able to make it thus far. While it doesn't officially end until the 5th, today is the peak of the festivities, so don't miss out.

Have you tried your hand at compiling a 360-view panorama from your favorite game? If not, why not give it a go and send in your results to us! Panoramas are always an interesting new way to look at a game world. If you'd like to give it a shot, send it to us here at oneshots AT massively DOT com along with your name and the game it's from. We'll post it out here for everyone to enjoy and give you the credit.

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