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    Sherwood's BDP-5003 Blu-ray player reviewed: perfectly average

    Darren Murph

    If Sherwood's BDP-5003 were a buck fifty or so, this thing may actually be worth buying. After all, critics loved the quick start-up and disc load time, appreciated the "very good" image quality and stellar audio performance and bowed to the easy-to-use onscreen menu system. So, what's the problem, you ask? For starters, there's no internal decoding of high-resolution formats nor a 5.1 analog output, so unless you've got a receiver that'll decode for you over HDMI, we wish you the best of luck squeezing any surround out. Furthermore, it's not upgradeable to Profile 2.0, the remote wasn't backlit, DVD upscaling was just so-so and the reds and blues were "slightly oversaturated." In other words, this here player does a decent job with the basics, but for $299 (list), it's about time we started demanding more from our BD decks.

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