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Around Azeroth: The negative universe


Take out a pencil and a sheet of paper, folks, because it's pop quiz time! Well, you need something to pass the time while waiting in those queues. So what's going on in this screenshot?
  1. Blizzard has decided to be a bit less subtle in its warnings to people who are exploring out of bounds.
  2. Outland is now a no smoking area. Please take your cigarettes to a different universe.
  3. iGy of Dunemaul-EU could probably use a new video card. He would also like to give a shoutout to all his ex-guildies in <Ravenous>.
  4. Around Azeroth would like you to stop sending in screenshots of the sky in Outland.
The correct answer is 3, although about a year and a half ago 4 would have definitely been the right choice. Now that we're spending all our time in the land of the ice and snow, it's sort of nice to see that old familiar landscape. Although it looks like a lot of us aren't in the land of ice and snow right now. Hmm. Queue is ... 441. Forget it, I'm going to go start Bioshock.

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