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Lotus powersliding into the hybrid car market

Tim Stevens

If you want to make a car handle -- and handle well -- you call Lotus. Just ask Tesla; without the help of the gearheads in Hethel, the US's hottest electric vehicle would probably still be just a concept. Perhaps dissatisfied with the relatively minimal PR love it's been receiving from the Tesla relationship, Lotus has announced plans to develop its own battery-powered car. However, unlike the all-electric Roadster, this new offering will include a Volt-like supplementary fuel-burning engine to add a bit more range and, one would figure, rather a lot more mass. That's not exactly good news for those who worship the Lotus mantra of "to add speed, add lightness," but at this point we don't have any idea about what the thing will weigh, cost, or indeed look like. If all goes according to plan we should get some answers when those international automotive powerhouses who are still alive bum a ride to the Geneva Auto Show in March.

[Via Autoblog]

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