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Samsung's R470 looks destined for US Cellular

Chris Ziegler

If we have to pick between a flip CDMA dumbphone and, say, a Touch Pro, we're going to take the Touch Pro ten times out of ten -- but as flip CDMA dumbphones go, this thing really isn't half bad looking at all. The Samsung R470 just passed FCC muster this week, and as Phone Scoop astutely notes, the manual's mention of "easyedge" indicates that the dazzlingly orange clamshell will likely see duty on US Cellular. We're looking at fairly comprehensive external controls -- likely with a music slant -- along with Bluetooth and microSD expansion, but strangely, we can't find any mention of EV-DO in the test docs. Seems kinda strange for a phone in this category, doesn't it?

[Via Phone Scoop]

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